I use a tuner pretty much always, here are some that I have made and use.

  To the right here we have a MFJ tuner which was great for parts! 

Home brew Tuner

Parts list:
 18Awg Magnet wire (you could use something else)
  T200-6 Toroid
   2x Air Capacitors 350pf or more.

   Metal box

   2x Choice of UHF or BNC
   12 Pos 1 Pol rotary
The T200-6
 You can wrap this a few ways, I went with even taps for mine and opted for 11 values with a jumper to the last pin on the switch.

  I have 46 turns at 22uH
 I used a nylon bolt and nut with two discs of plexieglass to hold the toroid in place.

  This will cover 40m to 10m and in some cases 80m depending on your antenna system.

  This has been tested to over 50W with no issues 100W SSB should be fine.


Emtech ZM-2
  I can not begin to tell you how much I enjoy this tuner for QRP. This thing tunes almost anything and I mean anything.

 This was one of my 1st few builds, it was tough for a new guy but man was it worth it.

 This Z-match tuner has a built in SWR led bridge that works top notch.
It can tune:
 Random long wire, Balanced, Loops, Deltas, Diploes, Verticals and inverted V's. 

 Max power rated at 15W

 This bad boy is small and does the job 80-10m.

You can get them in kit form or pre-built: